Highmood Brandmark


We are premium Spanish brand by license form high mood S.L SPAIN – MADRID

Brand Moodboard

A moodboard that delivers the brand look and feel. It sets the mood for the message wanted to be delivered by such a brand. Highmood is a brand that is defined by freshness, quality and being keen to deliver what suits its loyal customers the most

Brand Concept

Highmood is an Egyptian/Spanish
brand that delivers a premium range
of products. Highmood aims to go
global with its products, starting
with a range of a high end juice.



The brandmark merges between
authenticity and modern day looks,
in order to deliver a unique brand
ethos. The brand icon lines’ overlap
symbolizes the partnership between
Egypt and Spain.



Lixir is premium juice with
100% ingredients. That fits for
a healthy lifestyle. The products
targeting sports enthusiasts
that always craving a healthy
drink to fulfill their thirst


Juno is a juice for juniors or
children, hence it is a playful
and cheerful. Also a juice
that is trusted by parents for
their own children.

Are you ready to try the juice ?